ReliTouch RT-201 Keyless Biometric Fingerprint Activated and Keypad Access Control Door Handle Lock

ReliTouch RT-201 Keyless Biometric Fingerprint Activated and Keypad Access Control Door Handle Lock

You’ll feel confident knowing that the safety and security of what’s important to you is being protected with the uncompromising commercial-grade access control quality of ReliTouch. Rigorously tested with over 2 million cycles, this attractive and versatile keyless biometric and keypad handle lock is a true workhorse.

Features that are Important to You

The ReliTouch is a non-handed lock (can be installed on either right or left-opening doors), allows for up to 1,000 users, and comes with a 3-hour UL fire-rated latch and free-wheeling clutch. The outdoor portion is 100% weatherproof and can withstand any environmental extreme, whether in the sub-zero tundra of Siberia or the scorching heat of Death Valley – and anything in between.

Standalone or USB Flash Drive Programming

Although ReliTouch is simple to program and easy to use as a standalone system, the true value is in the incorporation of USB flash drive technology. Program users at the lock itself or at a PC using the ReliTouch User-Management Suite (RUMS) PC Management Software Upgrade (PCMU) (See PCMU Upgrade). You can program each user for biometric (fingerprint) or PIN code (keypad) access, or both.

Heavy Duty and Stylish Design

Not only is the ReliTouch attractive, it’s solid, hardened-steel construction is complimented by an industrial-grade satin chrome finish. The outside portion of the lock is 100% weatherproof and can withstand even the most extreme elements – including rain, snow, dust, and high humidity – providing years of reliable use.

Unmatched User Control

Up to 1,000 PIN code users (any PIN-code length per user), or
Up to 1,000 fingerprint users, or
Fast Touch and Go 1:N Mode (1 to Many), High-Security Access (1:1) User ID+PIN or User ID+Fingerprint, PIN only modes and more
Each user can be set up with any of these access methods, per user, per lock
There is no standalone biometric door lock available on the world market with this much control
ReliTouch RT-201 Keyless Biometric Fingerprint Activated and Keypad Access Control Door Lock in Use
Designed for Both Commercial and Residential Installations

Commercial Applications

If you require serious security and access control measures for commercial applications, ReliTouch was designed with you in mind. The value of biometric access control for identification and authentication purposes cannot be understated. On top of the affordable price of the lock itself, this undeniably accurate information will pay for the lock over and over again by reducing risks and costs associated with theft, vandalism, and fraud. It also eliminates the costs associated with re-keying, replacement cylinders, and consumables such as swipe cards. Because it is a standalone access control system, ReliTouch eliminates the expensive material and labor costs of the installation, maintenance, and repair of electrical wiring and network cabling required of many access control systems.
Residential Applications

ReliTouch has unsurpassed features and functionality for consumer applications. Don’t be fooled by it’s attractive appearance and beautiful finish. The ReliTouch is a security system on any door, providing you with the versatility to easily add and delete access rights by PIN code or fingerprint (or a combination of both) to your residence. Never again will you have to hide a key under the mat or have keys made and loaned out to your nanny, gardener, contractors, house staff, or guests. The access control and audit trail features will let you know – without a shadow of a doubt – exactly who has been in your home, at what time, and on which date. As an added bonus, you’ll never be locked out of the house again!

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