True IP Covert Wireless Internet Surveillance Camera System for Home or Office – Computer Speakers

Our True IP Wi-Fi Internet Surveillance Camera Systems are smartly disguised as a typical, everyday item but offer a secure, interference-free,stable and strong pure digital WiFi connection to your home or office network via your wireless access point/router. You can also hard wire into your network using a standard CAT5 Ethernet cable. The unit comes standard with a high resolution wide-angle full color Foscam

video camera and an 802.11b/g transmitter. Our wireless IP camera systems are just the right solution for keeping an eye on your nanny, your property, your business, your warehouse, or your office while you are away. Control as many as 9 cameras from just one IP address!This fully functional computer speaker set (camera is in only one of the speakers) blends in perfectly with any environment and nobody will be any the wiser that their every move is being captured. Perfect for keeping an eye on things, place them near any computer where you need high quality covert video. You can even connect them to your computer, as they are high quality working speakers! Dimensions are 6 x 3.5 inches. Power adapter supports 100-240V AC and comes with with standard USA plug (suitable for use outside the US using the appropriate plug adapter).