LawMate PV-900EVO HD Cell Phone DVR with Built In Hidden Camera and Wired Cam Input

The LawMate PV-900EVO is a portable handheld DVR that looks like a cell phone! Upgraded to feature 720P High Definition recording, this law enforcement grade DVR also features motion detection, a tamper-proof on-video time and date stamp, and low-light recording features. Not only can it be used as a standard body-worn DVR compatible with any wired covert camera, it has a high grade CCD camera built into the top of the cell phone! The ultimate in covert operation, press a button while recording to make the screen look exactly like standard cell phone screen with time, date, signal strength, and other standard cell-phone on-screen menu items.

You can also make the screen completely blank. To view the recordings, plug it into your computer with the included USB cable and drag and drop the files onto your computer or remove the memory card and plug it into your computer’s media card reader.

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