CovertTrack MicroTracker III Small GSM and GPRS GPS Tracker | Real Time GPS Tracking Device

MicroTracker III is the ultra-sophisticated upgrade to an old favorite. In addition to its smaller size, it delivers far superior accuracy than other devices in its class due to the updated higher sensitivity GPS module and antenna. The intuitive web-based software is easy to learn and use and offers much more than just a live tracking view.

Locate Now Feature
High Sensitivity GPS Chip
Cell Tower ID Reporting
Weather Resistant Design
GPRS/GSM Network Enabled
Live, Real Time GPS Tracking
Track per Time Intervals
Track from any online computer or smart phone from anywhere in the world
3D Motion Sensor
Geofence Boundary Crossing Alerts
SOS Panic Button: If the user of the device is in a threatening situation, he or she can hold down the SOS panic button for several seconds and an alert will be sent via SMS or Email (up to 5 phone numbers/e-mail addresses) within 2-3 seconds
Real-Time Battery Life Indicator
Motion Detection Saves Battery Life
Real-Time SMS/Email Motion Alerts
Cell Tower Assist (in the event the tracker cannot obtain GPS lock, local cell tower assist will approximate location based on cell tower triangulation)
Power-Saving “Sleep” Mode
Small and Covert (only 3 x 2 x 0.75 inches)
Real Time Vehicle and Asset Tracking

Although the original MicroTracker was designed for fleet tracking applications, its evolution has brought about a comparable demand in the consumer market.

No Software to Install

With the extremely intuitive and user-friendly interface of the web-based tracking application, you can easily log in and see the exact location of the tracker, to include historical data that is archived indefinitely back to the day you created your account. You can log in to your tracking account from any Internet-connected computer or mobile device from anywhere in the world. There is absolutely no third party software to install.
Live Remote Access from Computer and Smart Phone
Long Battery Life
Track up to 3 weeks on a single charge, dependent upon usage and your tracking plan. Since MicroTracker III goes into standby mode when not in motion, the battery is minimally depleted in this mode.

Smaller Design
10% smaller than its predecessor, MicroTracker III is small enough for endless concealment possibilities. It may just be the world’s smallest live GPS tracking device!

3-week (MicroTracker III) and 6-week (MicroTracker III EXT) tracking duration claim based on our testing using 2-minute tracking at an average of 2 hours of driving per day.

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