2013 LawMate PV-500EVO2 HD Touch Screen Portable DVR for Wired Body-Worn & Pinhole Surveillance Cameras

LawMate PV-500EVO2 High Definition Touch Screen Portable DVR (aka PV 500 EVO 2 or PV500 EVO II)

All new for 2013, we introduce the upgrade to an old favorite, the LawMate PV-500EVO2. The best law enforcement-grade portable DVR just got better. The PV-500EVO2 maintains all the great LawMate features you’ve grown to know and love, but adds true HD recording capability (when used in conjunction with the new CMD LX-Series cameras), a larger and higher resolution 3″ 960 x 240 TFT LCD display, H.264 video compression, and the highly-requested feature of capturing high resolution still shots directly from the video during playback. All these features are wrapped up in a professional-grade portable DVR that is 10% thinner than its predecessor.

Superior Quality Video

Now with true high definition recording, you’ll get the footage you need at a quality never before seen with any device of this type. Used in conjunction with a new CMD LX-series 800TVL digital camera via the primary mini-HDMI camera input, you’ll achieve true HD resolution. With its secondary 2.5mm analog camera input, the DVR is backward-compatible with any of our LawMate wired cameras (5V analog CCD or CMOS). The new, larger and higher resolution 3-inch LCD display makes it much easier navigate the menu configurations, get your perfect video angle, and playback your surveillance footage right in the field. H.264 video compression delivers a superior quality image at a lower bit-rate in order to utilize memory much more efficiently.

Note that the PV-500EVO2 is not backward-compatible with CMD-BU13 or CMD-ER13 digital cameras.

User-Friendly Interface and Supervisory Controls

PV-500EVO2 can be programmed using either the touch screen or the included infrared remote control. The intuitive menu interface enables you to quickly and easily set the parameters you need – exactly when you need to. With multi-level password protection, agencies with multiple users of the device can set up supervisory controls that prevent accidental file deletion. The tamper-proof on-video date/time stamp and frame counter (on every frame) ensure your evidence will be admissible in court.

Multiple Recording Modes for Unmatched Flexibility

Continuous, Scheduled, and Motion Detection Modes

Not only can you use the PV-500EVO2 as a body-worn surveillance device in continuous recording mode, scheduled and motion detection recording modes enable it to be used as a stand-alone covert surveillance DVR. This versatility makes it the perfect choice for anything from law enforcement sting operations, to secret shopping, to keeping an eye on the nanny, to class lectures, to vacations, to rock concerts!

More on Scheduled Recording

Scheduled recording allows you to set up the DVR to start and stop recording at pre-defined times. Choose from Overwrite or Stop modes based on whether you want a set it and forget it situation where the DVR will overwrite video files (first-in, first-out), or if you want it to stop all recording when the memory card reaches capacity.

Pre-Event and Pre-Motion Features

The Pre-Event and Pre-Motion settings tell the DVR to hold several seconds of video in cache memory. When you hit record (in continuous recording mode) or when motion triggers recording (in motion detection mode), these several seconds of video will be written to the video file. This enables you to see the events leading up to whatever prompted the recording so you won’t miss a thing.

Upgraded Still-Shot Capabilities

Now, not only can you snap shots during recording using the controller, you can also snap a shot of a single frame during video playback. This feature is perfect for the quick, on-the-fly capture of JPG stills directly from your video footage without the need to pause video, screen capture, or use complicated video editing software just to get a still.

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