SleuthGear Zone Shield Night Vision IR Clock Radio Hidden Video Recording System

Just because the lights go off doesn’t mean your home surveillance cameras have to! From SleuthGear, the brand trusted by law enforcement and investigative professionals for over 18 years, we introduce the Zone Shield Covert Night Vision IR Clock Radio Camera – The first of it’s kind. Color by day and auto-switching to black and white with infrared night vision by night, this unit can see up to 30 feet in complete darkness with the help of it’s built-in IR illuminators. It covertly records your footage to an SD card that’s safely concealed inside the clock radio camera – out of plain sight! Set it up for motion detection recording and capture only the footage you need. For added security, the included proprietary software is necessary to view the footage, so even if the SD card gets in the wrong hands, the footage cannot be played back without it! The application also lets you convert your footage to the widely-universal WMV or AVI file formats just in case you need to offer a sample to authorities or just want to e-mail them to a friend or family member – or even share them on YouTube or     Facebook!

Monitor your Office
Watch your children
Keep an eye on the baby sitter
Nanny Cam
Granny Cam

Make sure the contractors are doing work
Keep an eye on your teens
See what happened when you were on vacation
Play back your video footage in 2 ways. Remove the SD card and review the footage on your computer using an media card reader or use the included video cable to connect the device to the video input of a TV, HDTV, monitor